What  past participants have to say….

 MINDFUL@SEJAHTERA at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

I found all the sessions were very enlightening, refreshing, de-stressing; and also fascinating enough, very much similar to the teachings of my own religion Islam. I am able to be more aware / mindful ( khusyuk ) when performing my prayers; able to enjoy my meals better than before; able to feel the earth beneath my feet when I do my regular Sejahtera Walks in the campus. I am more careful and conscious of my words when I talk; especially to my loved ones, at home. Dr  Nurulain A. B, Director of Pusat Sejahtera (medical doctor), USM

The content of the Mindful@Sejahtera training is exceptionally respectful and educational in helping us identifying the issues from a cross functional perspectives.  The teamwork between Dr Yeoh and Dr Lee demonstrates effortless professional expertise.  I am very glad to confirm that we have received a lot of positive feedbacks to your excellent training sessions due to your excellent training skills, both the contents and standard of delivery. Not only have we all learned a great deal, but it has also been a very pleasant cooperation with you. Sister Cyrilla, Mission Awareness Coordinator, Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

Filling up the form to join the Mindful@Sejahtera program was so far the best decision I have ever made in my life. Attending Mindful@Sejahtera 8-weekly sessions have also been the most memorable times I have had and shall I say the most peaceful sessions I have experienced. To those who haven’t joined any Mindfulness course and are keen to join, I highly recommend this Mindful@Sejahtera program and please do not think twice to fill up the form now for the upcoming sessions. Lis S. I., Assistant Registrar, Center for Knowledge, Communication and Technology, USM

Before the Mindfulness practice, I used to have shoulder pain very often, especially when I was rushing for deadlines. But now, my shoulder pain is gone! Perhaps this was because when I did the Body Scan, I could feel my shoulder is “cracking” away the stress. This was really amazing!” Professor Dr  Lim C. S., School of Educational Studies, USM

There was an abundance of setting Mindfulness in its context as a practice to promote awareness of body and mind in the present moment. I particularly like the anecdotes and exercises and when I practiced them, there was indeed a reduction in my running thoughts and anxieties afterwards. I can recommend mindfulness to those who wish to explore non-medical methods to reduce stress or get out of mild depression. Dr  Sam T. W. , Professor (retired) , USM

The big question is about the Mindful@Sejahtera course, is it a good course? If you are looking for a “hybrid” course–Mindfulness + Stretching exercise, so yes.  There are Dr Lee, the yoga instructor to help you to bend your body while the guru, Dr Yeoh who is willing to share with you what is “Mindfulness” all about.  So you get 2 in 1.  A complete set! If you want a small community circle to share and support each other in good or bad times,  yes, the openness and mature discussion among a  small community circle can contribute to have  better understanding about yourself and others, so it is, again, a yes. – and there is no reason why you should not give a try now! Enroll it now! Dr Lai N. S., Senior Lecturer, Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine, USM

The here and now (Mindfulness) attitude has helped me a lot to understand and gained the meaning of being humble and being grateful (bersyukur). It gives me more courage to explore my own spiritual journey, and deepen my understanding of this world with a stronger connection to Allah, our creator. As a Muslim, the here and now attitude enlightened me with so many ‘Truths” embedded in HIS words and HIS creation. I wish I could share this here and now practices with my darling mother, who has long fighting and struggling with life to make who I am today. Yes! Mindfulness arouses the unconditional love within you!!! Dr  A. Hamzah, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, USM.

Through the Mindful@Sejahtera class, I have learned new information, understanding and confidence in addressing my anxiety and sleeping problem. The Mindfulness practices taught in the class are very helpful in keeping me calm and relaxed. After a few weeks into the Mindfulness journey, I was pleasantly surprised that I could have a good night sleep without any medication….just keeping to a daily dose of mindfulness practice. Lim B.C., Operations Director (retired), a US multinational company

I can proudly say that with the help of Mindful@Sejahtera class, together with consistent training, I have successfully completed my first half-marathon in the International Penang Bridge Marathon 2013 (21 kilometers in 2 hours and 53 minutes).  I surprised myself!  What kept me going?  Being Mindful – until the finishing line. M.  Sabudin, Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Sciences, USM

I find both the course leader and facilitator of the Mindfulness@Sejahtera program are very knowledgeable in their own respective fields.  They have conducted the course excellently and have encouraged the participants in performing the Mindfulness exercises throughout the course. More importantly, it is their sincerity and warmth in wanting to help us that has made us strive harder to achieve the objective of this course and at the same time also for the betterment of ourselves. Lim Y. M., Associate Professor , School of Housing, Building and Planning, USM

It has been a wonderful and an unexplainable experience for me. The mindful@sejahtera course is very much adapted to  modern day lives. I can see my unlimited capabilities now. I came to see one thing through Mindful@Sejahtera class. Life is meant to be lived joyously, a grand celebration for every single moment and live in the eternity of the moment. A Mindful@Sejahtera participant (Anonymous)

After two months of systematically practicing the training program’s homework, I feel that I am calmer and less tensed when facing problem. Now, I have less  worries of my future, as I know that it will not help me in any sense, because we do not see the world as it is, but as we are. The anticipation of my future that is based on my guess and mental model created by my mind  could be completely wrong. Cheah J. S., MSc candidate, School of Chemical Sciences, USM

After attending the Mindful@Sejahtera classes, I realize that I am more relaxed and not rushing things. I learn to accept life with an open heart and  mind. I begin to count my blessings and appreciate little things in life. I want to enjoy every moment I spend with  my family, friends and patients. I haven’t changed to be a new person but I feel better about myself and my life. Life is more beautiful when we are aware of what we are doing at that moment. Being a Muslim, I also find that my prayers are more focused, better quality than before and I feel close to ALLAH. I will always make peace with myself and the people around me. Dr  H. Omar, Dentist, Pusat Sejahtera, USM

 To me, Mindfulness is an immense gift, an indispensable life skill which I wish I could learn it earlier in my life. For me, Mindfulness is also a stress reliever during stressful time. And during happy time, Mindfulness is a joy enhancer. After attending the 8 weeks Mindful@Sejahtera training at USM, I would like to congratulate Dr Yeoh Kar Kheng and Dr Lee Hooi Ling for doing an excellent job in teaching and facilatating Mindful@Sejahtera in USM, I sincerely wish more people in Penang can embrace Mindfulness in their lives. Woo L. Y., Director of TMC Education Corp. Ltd in Singapore and a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) coach

 With the Mindfulness practice, I feel more conscious of every work I do and I slowly regain my weakened working memory capacity. I have also started to realize my body languages and tones of voice used in my daily conversations, which was long neglected but sometime gave uneasy impression to colleagues, students and the loved ones. Although making a shift from zombie-like ‘doing mode’ to ‘being mode’ isn’t easy and probably need substantial time to cultivate it, I believe that the ultimate benefit I gained from the practice could outweigh the difficulties. I strongly recommend Mindful@Sejahtera training programme to those who are still practicing ‘zombie-mode’ in the midst of their busy activities. Dr  Tan J. J. Senior Lecturer, Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, USM

The Mindfulness practice taught in Mindful@Sejahtera class affected me in several ways. First, practicing the Mindfulness of the Body and Breath has made me to be more aware about myself: my tendencies, emotions under stressful or not-so stressful times, and how I habitually react to them. I think this aspect helps in my work as a lecturer, for example when giving a lecture. It has helped me to respond better to my audience, the students and above all, has assisted me in overcoming my nervousness when giving lectures and perhaps, improving my communication skills. I consider this a tool to compliment me in my journey to become a better lecturer. Dr  Lee C. Y. , Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, USM

There are lot of benefits come along as I started to practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness relieves me from a lot of stress came from academic works and relationship problems. I don’t mean that joining the Mindful@Sejahtera programme made my stress  gone away, in fact, Mindfulness offers me a choice: whether I want to continue to distract myself from the problems through the means of entertainments (in fact they never entertain me) or try to face them with Mindfulness. I find that when I have the courage to face the problems, half of the problems solved, sometimes it even came to me that there’re actually no problems at all. I was just having fear of my own imagination. Teh Y. H., Final Year student, School of  Physics, USM.

Having attended the Mindful@Sejahtera class for 8 weeks, I must say that I have made a very wise decision when I signed up for the class. I find the lessons to be very well planned and systematic. I have enjoyed the simple yet practical and friendly approach to making us aware of our bodily sensations and thoughts. Hopefully the skills and knowledge acquired will make me a better person through the practice of Mindfulness. Khoo G. L., Lab Assistant, School of Biological Sciences, USM

Talking about bonding between my family members especially with my children. Despite of the hecticness of my workload, I noticed that I was able to give Mindful attention to the conversation with my two younger children. I could see they were happy and kept on talking to me. I am sure Mindfulness can make us good quality human beings, given that the value of a human being is measured by his/her purified and healthy Qalb (heart). A healthy heart will radiate and glow positive aura and thus attracting satisfaction in life. It’s not easy but it can be done ! I want the people around me to feel the sweetness of my presence. By practicing Mindfulness, I am able to take care of my emotions, which no one can remedy it other that our own self. Because of its beauty, I tend to share what I know about being mindful with my family and friends especially to those who are in difficult time. With Mindfulness, I am more alert and can feel stronger bond between Allah while performing prayer, as well as I can feel that Allah is watching on me. Mindfulness contributes towards making my prayer moments more meaningful and thus, I feel closer to Him. N. Hashim, Science Officer, Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine, USM

Practicing Mindfulness has increased my awareness about working stress and allowed me to have  room for better self-care. It is just simple like taking a break, take a deep breath, and observe the ways how I react to my thoughts. For me, Mindfulness practice is a meaningful inward journey, which enriches our lives and souls. Ng. C.A., Counselor, Mitra Welfare Center

Mindfulness has helped me when I’m dealing with negative critics and comments and people that I don’t agree with,  I usually get irritated and put on defensive mode . With Mindfulness, I take time to think and choose whether I want to respond or not. I feel less anger and resentment. I also feel that I am less judgemental on other people. Mindfulness helps me to accept others’ reactions on certain matters and understand that people are not always act as how I expect them to be. Yeoh L. G., Secondary School Teacher. 

Mindfulness helps me to live my life. I used to spend my days not knowing what I’m doing. After learning Mindfulness, I learn to be aware of every moment, to really live my days. Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m not able to do things efficiently. In this case, being mindful also teaches me to accept whatever experience that arises, not to create extra problems to the existing ones. I’m now more confident and able to treat myself better. Tan C. H. 3rd Year Student, School of Arts, USM

Unpleasant thoughts such as fear, judgment, anger etc has caused much uneasiness in me when dealing with my family. Recognizing, accepting and being aware on these thoughts have enable me to provide mindful care and love to them. By doing what is necessary at the present moment with right attitude has given me lot of satisfaction. Besides, the ‘Befriending meditation’ taught in Mindful@Sejahtera class has helped in creating harmonious feelings within myself and towards my loved ones. S. Alagappan, Administrative Assistant, Registry, USM

At this moment, whenever I am facing wih a problem, I will always remind myself to be present at this moment and back to the earth (berpijak di bumi yang nyata). Mindfulness practice has helped me to reduce my heart burden (due to my hectic workload) since I had heart surgery a few years ago. I am able to improve the quality of my solat and hopefully to get more Blessings and Love from Allah. A. Mat Amin, Nurse, Pusat Sejahtera, USM. 

The Mindful@Sejahtera  program has helped me to be more open, relaxed and  able to cope in difficult times… I shall end this testimony with a quote from the holy Quran:“And follow not that of which you have not the knowledge; surely the hearing and the sight and the heart, all of these, shall be questioned about that.” Chapter 17 verse 36. (The Night Journey verse 36) H.  Zulyadain, Nurse, Pusat Sejahtera, USM.

I feel Dr Yeoh has also implemented a mid-course review which is very important in terms of bridging the gaps technically and socially and his willingness to share his personal real life-stories has helped to make the course more ‘alive’.  Thank you again to USM, Dr Yeoh & Dr Lee and everyone else who are behind this wonderful Mindful@Sejahtera course. May Mindfulness brings more joy to this world that we all live in. May there be more ease in this world. May mindfulness bloom in us. Jennifer Ong,  Chartered Accountant 

虽然八周的正念课程对我只是基本认识,不过从中我学习到把握当下的道理。这个道理让我能放慢脚步面对生活,也让我学习凡事把握眼前,不再多设想, 不再让自己的思想滚雪球,不再为自己添压力。例如,我能够很享受教孩子读书的过程,即使过后还有一大箩的工作等着我。当我发现自己一份重要的文件夹不见了,我还能够让自己慢慢放松入眠。Chuah G. L., School Counselor 

 2-Day MINDFULNESS WORKSHOP at Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM)

Ada banyak perkara baru yang saya belajar mengenai ketarasedar (Mindfulness) dalam bengkel ini. Ia bukan sahaja memperkasa ilmu saya mengenai ketarasedar tapi juga jika diamalkan akan menjadikan saya lebih ketarasedar. Bengkel ini amat bermanfaat dalam kehidupan seharian, bukan sajaha untuk jurulatih Ketarasedar. S. F. Abdul Rahman, Pengarah/Jurulatih Ketarasedar, Pusat Perundingan dan Latihan, IKIM

I enjoy the course very much. Mindfulness is a very fundamental tool that can be used to know and understand ourselves in which everybody should aware of. It is a must for our new generation to wake them up from ICT diseases, a very good channel to wake people up from day dreaming. For sure, it is going to benefit everybody. It is an appropriate method i.e. “Benar, Betul & Baik” (True Right & Beneficial) In Islam there are many verses encouraging man to be fully aware & mindful. “The highest degree of human being is those who has God-consciousness” M. N. Omar, Fellow, Center for Consulting and Training, IKIM

This workshop provides a systematic and structured approach on how to effectively use our mind not only for individual benefit but also to the whole mankind. The trainer, Dr Yeoh, had managed to conduct the complicated subject into simple and easy to understand manner. The techniques used are quite simple but useful. We can apply it in our daily lives. Most importantly, as a Muslim, I found that the techniques are very close to what have been practised in Islam. For example, the “Mindful Walking” – the Prophet had said that whenever we walk to the mosque to pray, we need to walk calmly and not in a hastily manner. M. A.  Hashim, Fellow, Center for Economics and Social Studies, IKIM

This workshop will help participants to be more aware of the actions and frame of mind that they develop within themselves. This would enable us to become more responsible and relax in all actions, thus making us more aware/mindful and stress-free. E. A. Aziz, Senior Researcher, Center for the study of Syariah, Law and Politics, IKIM

Satu bengkel yang bagus kerana ia menggabungkan teori dan praktis. Jadi, peserta mampu mengukur keberkesanan bengkel/kesan ketarasedar dalam diri mereka secara terus. M. H. Mohamad, Fellow, Pusat Kajian Ekonomi & Kemesyarakatan, IKIM

Program ini perlu dikongsikan dengan lebih ramai orang kerana kebanyakan aktiviti yang dilakukan adalah rutin harian, tetapi dilakukan tanpa ketarasedar (mindfulness). ‘Mindful Stretching’ atau ‘Mindful Walking’ contohnya benar-benar memberikan ketenangan dan jika diamalkan selalu, dapat meningkat tahan kesasaran seseorang. Ketarasedar juga sebenarnya sebuah program yang mengendalikan perasaan dan cara hidup dalam setiap tindakan atau perasaan yang dialami. Tahniah Dr Yeoh! Z. Kasim, Fellow, Pusat Perundingan dan Latihan, IKIM

2-Day MINDFULNESS FOR EVERYONE Workshop at D’HOME Mental Health Association, Penang

The Mindfulness for Everyone  is certainly a life skill course that should not be missed. It is a good and practical program that teaches us to be mindful and aware in our routine daily activity. It has deepened my understanding of seeing things as they are. By applying this with the right attitude, I find that I feel more relaxed, less anxious, not so nervous and hence less stressful. I am committed to conscientiously practise the techniques acquired at the program and confident that it will bring a positive transformation. Syabas to Dr Yeoh and Dr Lee for bringing this program to us. Ann Tan, Manager

Healthwise I have really benefited. I have managed to be more aware of the agitation that arose whenever I have a particular issue coming up. I can look at the agitation without being caught in the stories that tend to come up. Furthermore, I can even see when the thoughts are telling me that there are many tasks that need to be handled. Because I am aware of these thoughts , I am able to handle and complete the task without stressing myself like I used to do. Poh Suan, Retired Teacher

I attended and highly recommend the “Mindfulness for Everyone” Program. The program provided all the necessary tools and processes with a lot of experiential learning exercises in the class. This program is very well prepared and facilitated by Dr Yeoh and Dr Lee with the participant groups sharing and learning from each other. Wong WK

Excellent presentation by the facilitators. They are knowledgeable in their fields. Easy to follow lessons. Foo TK

I have learnt a useful tool to use in daily life. I definitely will recommend this workshop to my friends because Mindfulness is a very important skill to learn to guide our daily life so we are aware of our actions. Angie Kam

Mindfulness is the art of being aware of what is in you and what is around you without judgement. At this program, you will get a jump-start on your path to a Mindful living where you will learn to be at peace with yourself and everything else. Dr Yeoh and Dr Lee sum it up very well in giving a very comprehensive sharing of knowledge with combination of mindful exercises to strengthen you mentally and physically. But the greatest secret they shared is that you have to practice, practice and practice. Shall we all be more mindful with the passage of every day. SC Lim, IT Business Analyst

It’s very useful in the process of practicing Mindfulness in our daily life, even in the workplace, studies and for the psychotherapy purpose. As I am a practioner Counsellor, I found it’s very useful in helping my client especially towards those who have the anxiety problem. I also found it very beneficial to myself too. I am a very forgetful person, who sometimes left my phone inside the car; easily get panic when things are beyond my control. After I learned the Mindfulness, I applied the concept of focusing on “here & now”, which have similarities with the concept of Gestalt Theories, I found myself more calm and adaptable in facing the challenges in my life. As I am playing my roles as a counselor, as a student, daughter/ daughter-in-law, as a mother and as a person’s wife, it’s crucial to incorporate the right attitude, which I have learned from the Mindfulness program, to achieve the happiness in my life. Ai In, Counselor

Mindfulness is practical and should be applicable in our everyday activities. So everyone should learn and apply it to make a difference in his/her life.  Anonymous

The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced mediators. It’s interesting, informative and practical. I learned to work in a more relaxed manner after applying mindfulness. This course helps me to understand the meaning and importance of right attitude in mindfulness practice. Besides, it helped me to be more patient with myself and not demand so much out of myself especially in relation of work. The praise use of words and examples to illustrate certain principles of right attitude is effective. The exercises allow participants to practice the theoretical explanations. The exercises are soothing and calming and help to break the monotony. Anonymous

I would recommend this workshop to my friends as to help them lessen whatever anxiety, depression problems they may have. Anonymous


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  1. Glad to be relieved by anxiety and stress naturally. Guess what? Mindfulness! Bravo to Dr.Yeoh. and Dr. Lee. See you guys around!

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