EQ mindfulness

Vital Strategies for Mental Focus, Change Resilience and Wellbeing at Work

In collaboration with USains Holding  (wholly-owned by Universiti Sains Malaysia)

“ Nowadays, hundreds of corporate organisations, from Google to General Mills, use Mindfulness to help their employees boost their resilience, productivity, emotional intelligence, focus or even just to make them feel happier!”                                                                                                     ~ Mindfulness at Work for Dummies (2014)~

The Challenge

 In the era of ever-changing competitive landscape, workers today are operating in highly stressful situations. Our workplace is churning out burnt-out employees, who report little bandwidth for big picture thinking, innovation, and good understanding among each other. According to the Gallup survey in 2013, 70% of employees are disengaged, leading to lower level of productivity, innovation, and wellbeing, while only 8% of the respondents strongly agree that they experience overall wellbeing at work. This has led to a vicious cycle of stress and suboptimal performance. The ability to manage our mind, our emotions, and others is essential Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills which have been greatly undermined and rarely developed among workers. We believe developing EQ competencies is an effective way and a possible solution for handling these challenges.

 The Case of Mindfulness

 Mindfulness means paying attention to what is happening in the present moment in the mind, body and external environment, with an attitude of curiosity and kindness. An ancient wisdom practice supported by modern neuroscience, Mindfulness has been considered as a new ‘Superpower’ to equip everyone to adapt to high degree of complexity in today workplace. Elite business schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and MIT have turned to Mindfulness to achieve excellence for developing the next generation of leaders. Industry giants including Google, SAP and Intel are among the many companies that offer structured programs of Mindfulness to promote work performance and wellbeing. Google has its own in-house Mindfulness Based Emotional Intelligence training program namely, Search Inside Yourself (SIY), that has been highly appraised by its employees.

Empirical supported benefits of Mindfulness include:

  • Reduced Professional Burn-Out (Epstein, et al)
  • Strengthened Attention (Zylowska et al; Jha, et al)
  • Improved Decision Making (Hefenbrack, et al)
  • Enhanced Sense of Well-Being (Kabat-Zinn et al)
  • More Empathic Relational Function (Shapiro, et al)
  • More Integrated Brain (Davidson et al; Lazar et al)
  • More Robust Immune System (Davidson et al)


(i) EQ Mindfulness for Wellbeing & Resilience (Half-Day)

(ii) EQ Mindfulness for Leadership and Performance (1 or 2-Day)

(iii) Search Inside Yourself (SIY) Program  (https://siyli.org/)


The training programs are HRDF Claimable

For further information, please contact


Mr Khairol (Manager of Education and Training)

USAINS Holding Sdn Bhd (wholly-owned by Universiti Sains Malaysia)
+604-653 5714 / +6012-286 9048
khairol@usainsgroup.com /

Our Valued Clients


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54e80ad6c4284c44b7054c50fea48dffTzu chi hospital

Mindfulness talk at TEDxIntelBayanLepastedx-113

Search Inside Yourself Program at English School Foundation, Hong KongPicture6

Search Inside Yourself Program at DiDi Chuxing, Beijing, China.Picture2

Search Inside Yourself  Public Program in Shanghai, China.  Picture8

Search Inside Yourself Public Program in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Picture1

SIY Workshop for Political Leaders in Penang27540490_10155447880483931_917138973946047546_n27459138_10155447880688931_5024368430189082759_n

Search Inside Yourself program in Taiwan, hosted by International Coach Federation Taiwan Chapter (ICFT) 台灣首個 SIY課程 主辦單位國際教練聯盟台灣總會


Testimony by President of ICFT, James Lai

“Upon the completion of the SIY course, I started to share with my 5-year old kid about the concept of mindful living. Now, he has learned how to eat his meals mindfully.”

SIY is a scientifically proven course which could enable better mental focus and effective leadership. The facilitator, Dr Yeoh Kar Kheng, is the best spokesperson for putting his real life experience into the actual practice of Mindful Living. Dr Yeoh adopts a simple, vivid and yet profound way of teaching to guide us on the mindfulness practices, resulting in actual application of mindfulness in our daily lives. Through Dr Yeoh’s guidance , mindful living is no longer an in depth subject which is beyond reach, but is a practice that could truly improve the quality of life.

In my coaching session, mindfulness reminds me to ‘back to the present’; the practice of mindful and empathetic listening also enables me to connect more deeply with my clients.  I truly benefited from mindful awareness practice and would strongly recommend SIY course to all professional coaches. I would also like to encourage them to begin practicing mindfulness in order to optimize the level of professionalism.

At this moment, be Mindful! High degree of self-awareness will surely be able to benefit all our clients and professional coaches.

國際教練聯盟台灣總會理事長 賴恆毅

『SIY課程結束後,我開始與我 5 歲的孩子分享正念生活。現在他已經學會要正念吃飯了』。



– 有正念的培訓,身心合一,情感豐富,故事生動,活動簡短有效,有創意。

– 用心真誠,很人性化,展現真實生活化的正念實踐者之風範。老師有擇善固執的特質:堅持正念自覺、智慧抉擇不為所困,「只要這一刻正念就行了」

– 對正念的實踐經驗非常豐富,上課非常投入,可以感受傾囊相授毫無保留的熱情。

– 年輕的老師、年輕的生命就有如此深厚的體會,老師,您了不起!

– 楊老師在此主題非常有研究,隨手引用的故事十分恰當而且緊扣主題。


– 主講者是一位溫暖、體驗敏銳、有願景同時是在正念領域的Leader,整體來說表達清晰、有內容,引導方式和手法都成熟。

Be. Here. Now. Women’s Development Forum at Penang Skill Development CenterPicture7

EQ Mindfulness Training for Finance Managers at INTEL Malaysia10995896_10152929086463931_4699312863710506456_n

 Participants’ Feedback
 Good change from the normal training classes. Totally different yet effective. Help me understand myself more, appreciate things differently, be mindful about myself & others and to allow myself to even have quality 3-minutes to breathe. Jamie Tang, Finance Manager, Intel

We need a company to create and embrace this Mindfulness culture and behaviors in order to maximize the team spirit. Lim Kim See, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets Accounting Team Leader, Intel

To manage others, we must first manage ourselves. To understand what motivates others, we must first understand what motivate ourselves. Alfred Ong, Accounting/Finance Manager, Intel

EQ Mindfulness Training for Directors at Dell MalaysiaDell

 EQ Mindfulness Training for Senior Management Team at Infineon MalaysiaPicture1.png

EQ Mindfulness Workshop for Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust (A-REIT, Singapore) Picture3

  “Mindfulness at Workplace” Public Seminar in Taiwan, organized by Taiwan Mindfulness Center


“Mindfulness for Young Entrepreneurs” at Epoch Foundation, Taiwan4.jpg

Mindfulness Workshop for Corporate Leaders, Hong KongIMG_20150604_174311

From the organizer Patricia Chu, Director of Jaderin Club

Thank you so much indeed for a most interesting talk. This is my first clear understanding of ‘Mindfulness’, a topic that I knew little about, though have read and heard much about. The presentation was excellent.  We will certainly try to practice the mindfulness ‘exercises’. Hopefully we can get you to come again when we are able to move on to the next stage of ‘mindfulness’.

Mindfulness Workshop for Medical Professionals at Penang General Hospital18268409_10154703182148931_5128466797983483412_n

Mindfulness Workshop for Medical Team at Taiwan Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center20170406_074726

“When Mindfulness Meets Coaching” Workshop organized by International Coach Federation Taiwan ChapterTaiwan ICFT

Mindfulness Workshop at National Pingtung University, Taiwan.24058849_10155273168083931_7662178394451084215_n

EQ Mindfulness Training for Intel Malaysia Finance Team 13497987_10153819163753931_3869998316409845593_o15036364_10154212565543931_7063686235594767494_n

Participants’ Feedback:

-Awesome course => Please sign up now! -Highly recommend this workshop!

-Very good training. Very scientific approach. Step by Step like a Standard Operating Procedure. Dr Yeoh is superb with engaging with audiences. His class was lively and packed with valuable lessons to be learned. Keep it up the good work!

-The course is very compressed and impressive. The course has actually conducted clearly on the content, quite practical to our lives and help us understand root cause & solve it.

EQ Mindfulness Training at ViTrox Technologiespic5

Mindfulness Workshop at Intel11050668_959925454069607_9018138176454482426_n

Feedback from the organizer

Everyone has enjoyed the session a lot. I was totally suprised by the response which is actually the largest turnout we had for our event. So glad that the words are out there that many people are aware of the goodness of mindfulness. Sum Pey Pey, Women@Intel Network (WIN)

Mindfulness Workshop at Intel (Kulim)


Feedback from the organizer

“Thank you so much for conducting this meaningful training that can be applied not only at work but also in personal life! I had fun while learning some useful tips. The orange peel experience was remarkable. Mindfulness became a buzzword in my office after the training. JYeoh Wei Chiang, Planning Manager, Intel

EQ Mindfulness Training for Managers and Employees at Jabil Circuit (AMS)jabil amsJabil

Participants’ Feedback

Excellent in presentation with clear communication. Good example sharing. It’s a relaxed and easy to practice programs. I would like to share this good program with my colleagues. SE Tan, Human Resourse Manager, Jabil AMS

Outstanding workshop. Fully recommended to everyone. Combination of physical activity and lecturing is fantastic. It certainly helps you to find peace and reduce your stress in life. KH Tan , Engineering Manager, Jabil AMS

Mindfulness Workshops at Curtin University, Miri, Sarawak.18527589_10154751132483931_2282097150741823894_n18581828_10154751132403931_6046689647833962987_n

Mindfulness Workshop at Qi Group of Companies, Kuala Lumpur13007273_10153676121043931_7776675311285999949_n

Mindfulness Workshop for Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia10431460_10152860245823931_2185545635159335678_n

Mindfulness Workshop for National Association of  Women Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (NAWEN)20140927_183204

Mindfulness Training for USM Medical Team in Pusat Sejahtera 11896013_10153183248693931_5181591828801460427_n

Testimony from Dr Normala Abdhul Wahid, Director of Pusat Sejahtera
Dear Dr Yeoh and team, Thank you for having Mindfulness at Workplace Training with us.  The training is so enjoyable. Mindfulness is definitively very beneficial to be practised, especially at the workplace. Hope to have more training with you.

Testimony from Dr Lee Phaik Hoon, Dental Officer, Pusat Sejahtera

The one day “MINDFULNESS@Workplace” workshop that we had last Sat 15th August 2015, has been very enlightening. I had actually attended a couple of intro talks by Dr Yeoh but now I realized that we need at least one day workshop to impart some ‘practical know how’ that the participants can take back home and apply into their daily lives. As mentioned earlier, it had been very enlightening and most useful and practical to apply in our homes and workplaces. Mindfulness is useful to help to de-stress and I will put into practice on how to bring our mind to the presence and be non-judgmental when we have to deal with very difficult people. The other thing that I find useful is to switch from our unproductive thinking mode to the sensing mode to bring clarity within oneself. The “MINDFULNESS” exercises we had were fun and it teaches us how to do the practical aspect of it. So now we will try to mindfully apply in our lives so that we can form a habit out of it and embrace to make it part of our being. Mindfulness too can be applied in most aspects of our lives; such as mindful listening, eating, doing etc but I too will put into practice mindful of God’s Presence. It has been a good, practical and enlightening workshop and I would like to thank Dr Yeoh and his assistant Lillian for spending a day in their weekend to do so for us; the staff of Pusat Sejahtera USM, main campus, Penang. Thank You to both of you. God bless

 USM Pusat Transformasi Insan11885153_10153176947738931_6250324244325229076_n

 National Advanced IPv6 Center of Excellence (NAv6)11222916_10153216394613931_8397784559347819609_o

Participants’ Feedback

Mindfulness is a simple yet effective concept that can be realized in our everyday lives. More importantly, you do not need extra resources to adopt it. I believe that it will be good for the university productivity and well being at large if all the staff.take the initiative to understand ‘mindful living’ and implement it in their daily lives. ~ Professor Dr Rosni Abdullah, Director of NAv6, USM

Overall the program was very good. Dr Yeoh shared techniques of being mindful. If these techniques are practiced, it would definitely be benificial. Dr Yeoh presented very well and indeed shown he is an expert in mindfulness. ~ Dr Selvakumar Manickam

The course makes me aware about very important things that I was not aware about in my daily life. Dr Yeoh teaches us practical and simple steps that can easily release our stress. I personally gained a lot of knowledge from Dr Yeoh’s talk. ~ Dr Mohammed Anbar

The course conducted by Dr Yeoh was great. We learned a lot of “Mindfulness” that would help us in managing ourselves. It could make us look at our lives positively from different perspectives that would lead to “better life” and “better world”. ~ Dr Mohammed Kadhum

The program has changed my thought + mindset as below:
– Brought me to a composed state of consciousness
-Realizing my existence + being grounded after a long feeling of being detached from body + soul (mind)
– Found happiness + inner peace
Thank you Dr Yeoh. God Bless ~ Malar Kanagasabai

Kursus mindfulness seperti ini sangat perlu dipraktiskan di USM bagi melahirkan seorang ‘INSAN’ yang berhati mulia dan elok budi perkerti. ~ Asma Awie

The program is very beneficial and applicable to all. I am fully supportive of the idea to train more Muslim practitioners. Many, if not all of the mindfulness concepts have relationship (connection) with the teachings of Islam. This will also help to spread the awareness faster and wider with less prejudices from the Muslim community, although those with open mind won’t have any issues. ~ Iznan Husainy Hasbullah

Mindfulness program should be practiced every time. It helps for human interaction. With the right and positive mindset, it will influence and bring goodness to the society. With my present job as an Industry and Training coordinator, it will help me in negotiation, business interaction and communication skills. Lim Say Khiam

Mindfulness Training for School of Industrial Technology, USM


Participants’ Feedback
The mindfulness training is good to enable us to be aware of ourselves and also our actions to others and to our surroundings. It could help us to become more focused in our work. ~ Professor Norhashimah Morad

Something useful for all to adopt as part of way of living. To actually appreciate your life and to actually train your mind. Very good. ~ Professor Norziah Mohd Hani

Good and interesting topic – useful in daily life – to have mindful living. Well done! Dr Yeoh. ~ Associate Professor Dr. Fazilah Ariffin

This ½ day course has given me an overview of what mindfulness is. Even though we might be aware of it, or practicing it, “Mindfulness” is packaged to show the how – in addition to the why, what, when and where. All in all, it is a useful tool to master and practice, lest our thoughts and our lives be hijacked by those less important things. I hope this tool will make me more mindful of Allah my creator at all times, and be mindful of his attributes in helping me navigate this life. Thank you for sharing, Dr Yeoh. ~ Associate Professor Wan Nadiah Wan Abdullah

Just broaden my horizon on how to live healthy. It is about controlling yourself ~ Dr Syakir

Mindfulness helps us to focus ~ Dr. Rokiah Hashim

Very good sharing. Helps us to be more focused and reduce stress especially when facing with a lot of stress at work. Can be applied in daily life. ~ Dr Nurul Fazita

Thank you for sharing with us the concept of “Mindfulness”. I will apply this method in my daily life. If possible, I would like to join your training in future. ~ Siti Baidarah

Being mindful is a good training to have more awareness on whatever we do. It allows us to pay more attention. It will also be good to channel positive, loving thoughts such as Love, Peace and Happiness, which is the true nature, or what we can say, is the attributes of the soul, in order to curb negativities. ~ Ravi

Bengkel yang sangat bagus untuk semua orang kerana dapat belajar tentang cara untuk ‘stay focus/pay attention/khusyuk kepada sesuatu perkara. Dapat menghargai sesuatu dari ‘mindfulness’dalam kehidupan seharian. Boleh diaplikasi dalam kehidupan. ~ Juliana Jaafar

Membantu saya agar lebih focus dalam sesuatu kerja. – It helps me to calm myself when I am stressed. Overall, it is a very good workshop and very helpful. ~ Siti Hawa

MINDFULNESS Retreat for Orbiting Scientific Employees, Genting View ResortOrbiting scientific 3  Orbiting scientific

Testimony from YW Lai, General Manager, Orbiting Scientific & Technology Sdn Bhd

A very enjoyable experience for my colleagues and myself in attending the Mindfulness workshop conducted by Dr Yeoh and Dr Lee. Dr Yeoh shared with us many useful information and tips to be mindful of the present moment while Dr Lee taught us techniques to relax and unwind our body. We learn how to live a happy and healthy life by the combination of mental and physical exercises. Both Dr Yeoh and Dr Lee are very knowledgeable in the subject matters and they shared their knowledge and learning experience with us enthusiastically. We will practise these living skills in our daily life and we are looking forward to live our life to the fullest!

MINDFULNESS Retreat for Orbiting Scientific Employees, Enderong Resort, Janda Baik.12509170_10153472373518931_4815099276716402836_n


Testimony from Alexandria, Corporate Strategist & Business Development

Having worked for over 20 years in various corporates from Global MNCs, GLCs and local companies, it was a delight and refreshing moment to attend the EQ Mindfulness Training conducted by Dr. Yeoh at Orbiting Scientific and Technology’s Company Kick Off. Usually, this type of training is only done in one’s personal capacity and self expense.

The Mindfulness class conducted by Dr. Yeoh has given the team, life skills on how to pay attention to what they are doing, mastering their emotions for better communication and getting into a right frame of mind so that they can do the “Right thing” at the “Right time” for the customers they serve.

Dr. Yeoh, through his years of practice and experience has been able to take a complex subject matter, distill key points and explain it in practical simple language that even the new staff who just joined the company 2 days ago could follow and comprehend. The team can now take what they have learnt at this experiential learning workshop, apply it in their daily life and working environment immediately to reap the benefits and raise the company to the next level of effectiveness.


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